Thomas Carlyle

“With the right tools, anything 
can be achieved.”

Formerly TV Motos Europe, has its own fleet of rigged for live motorcycles. These include, camera operator plates, RF equipment panniers, bike to broadcast communications and camera / RF power supplies.


All motorcycles are current year  BMWs that are insured for public liabilty on all events (including off road work) and are deemed the very best for motion tracking. 

Welcome to the Tracking Revolution


Our fleet of entirely silent, fully electric BMW C-Evolution motorcycles have a top speed of 85 mph and a range of over 100 miles,


We now operate seven C-Evolution electric tracking bikes, alongside a conventional fleet of  BMW GS motorcycles for high speed and long range events.

We are flexible to offer all combinations - motos on their own, pilots or camera ops and of course any combination of the three.  He also hire camera packages including HD broadcast cameras, lenses and stabilised lens / steadicam rigs for smoother shooting at speed or over uneven ground

BMW C-Evolution at Work


camera tracking motorcycles

Our motorcycle partners BMW Motorrad

Our camera partners ANVC

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